Focus and Scope

The journal of the School of Health of Universidad Surcolombiana (RFS) publishes previously unpublished articles about issues of medical interest, the biomedical field and related specialities.

In order to be published, articles sent to the magazine of the School of Health must follow the guidelines that appear below the title “Instructions to Authors”. The editorial committee reserves the rights to make modifications to the original text.

Articles that meet the guidelines will be evaluated by academics from the relevant field. The arbitrators’ salaries will be published in every edition of the magazine.

Peer Review Process

RFS, the journal of the School of Health of Universidad Surcolombiana aims to circulate scientific knowledge in the field of health. The journal welcomes articles that are the result of an investigation which forms and presents critical, analytical or interpretative issues. When the journal receives an article, the editorial committee conducts a first review to evaluate the suitability of the theme in question and whether the article complies with the guidelines regarding text, graphs, tables and references. This process lasts one week. If the article complies with the aforementioned requirements, it is sent to copy editors of a higher academic level with specialised knowledge of the field, generally outside the university. These arbitrators (at least two) are not provided with the name of the author, who will also be unaware of the identity of the arbitrators. Evaluating the articles takes three to four weeks. The copy editor’s comments will be given under one of the following recommendations:

  • The article can be published without modifications
  • The article can be published, after undergoing corrections
  • The article must be rewritten according to the suggestions given
  • The article should not be accepted for publication

All comments/corrections are passed on from the editorial committee to the authors, who, depending on the nature of the recommendations, have between two and four weeks to make the necessary corrections. When the corrected manuscript is received, the editor checks that each and every one of the recommendations made has been taken into account. If any of the recommendations have not been followed they must be clearly justified by the author. This part of the process takes one week, at the end of which the article is accepted for publication. In total, the process takes between six to ten weeks.

Articles and the Declaration of responsibility and copyright transfersigned by all authors (scanned) can be sent to: Editor, Revista Facultad de Salud de la Universidad Surcolombiana at (Users must register in order to be able to submit articles online and check the status of previously submitted articles). The original complete text, with references, tables and graphs, accompanied by an identical copy and the Declaration of responsibility and copyright transfersigned by all authors (a model can be found on the last page of every edition of the journal or upon request from

Communication is constant on the aforementioned website.


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