Can I really fight against climate change?

Puedo realmente luchar contra el cambio climatico?



According to the biologist from the University of Bristol Daisy Dunne, on August 23th, 2019, thousands of res were burning in Brazil, especially in the Amazon rainforest which is known as the Earth's lungs. Those res were sending huge amounts of smoke across the region and sending alarming quantities of carbon dioxide into the world's atmosphere (Brief, 2019). In the last thirty years, scientists have been crystal clear when trying to make people realize about all the issues that the human beings have produced such as climate change and the most popular term \global warming". This worrying situation aects every single living community around the world like people and animals. Having all this in mind, common citizens just like us must start a ght against climate change by recycling, using renewable energy, and avoiding producing waste. This ght should aim to start a new low carbon society who is aware not only of the risks of climate change, but also, the possibilities that we have in our hands.


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She is a student from Universidad Surcolombiana. She is currently studying the eighth semester of the English Language Teacher Education program at Universidad Surcolombiana, Neiva, Colombia. Education Department.

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